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Secretary/Manager of the St. Ann Parish Council, Clinton Gordon, is appealing to residents to come out and support Labour Day activities in the parish.
“The world runs on volunteerism. We cannot afford to pay for everything so let us volunteer and work on the various projects in our area,” Mr. Gordon encouraged.
More than 40 projects have been registered for the parish to date and the scope of work includes the planting of trees, bushing of sidewalks, painting of bus sheds and the cleaning up of tank sites. The parish project, which is also one of the national projects, is the beautification of the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.
In terms of the national project, Mr. Gordon informed that the work would begin around 9:00 a.m., and will involve spruce up of the administration section, the x-ray department and operating theatre. Two water coolers will also be installed at the facility.
He told JIS News that various service groups would be active in the parish on Labour Day, playing their roles effectively in the beautification process.
National Labour Day 2009 will be observed on Monday, May 25 under the theme: ‘Ketch the Vibes: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment for Success’.

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