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Residents of Cumberland, in North West Clarendon, are happier now that they can access the services of a new health centre, which was opened on May 19.
This is one of the many projects undertaken by the Department of Local Government and the European Union Banana Support Programme (EUBSP), to facilitate the Rural Economic and Social Infrastructure Support Project (RESISP) for Jamaica’s traditional banana growing parishes/communities, with the aim of providing infrastructural development to enhance the lives of the citizens.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government Reform, Hon. Robert Montague, commended the European Union (EU) for its continued support to Jamaica.

State Minister with responsibility for Local Govt. Reform, Hon. Robert Montague, addresses the official opening of the Cumberland Health Centre in North West Clarendon, on May 19.

“The EU is assisting Jamaica in many ways and one of the good things is that they (EU) do not dictate to us, they partner with us and we want them to know that the Government and the community are very appreciative of the work of the Europen Union in Jamaica over the years,” Mr. Montague said. He urged members of the community to take care of the facility.
Head of Section in the EU Delegation to Jamaica, Helen Jenkinson, said the EU was pleased to be working in partnership with the Government of Jamaica on various projects.
“The health centre is one good example of a co-operation that exists between the EU and the government and the people of Jamaica,” Mrs. Jenkinson said, assuring that the EU would continue to give its support.
Meanwhile, community member, Veronica Hinds told JIS News that she was indeed happy for the Cumberland health centre.
“We are thankful for this health centre here. It is indeed a good stepping stone, because we had to travel all the way to Spaldings to attend the clinic, but now we can walk from our homes to the facility,” Mrs. Hinds said.
The health centre offers a wide range of services, including child health, antenatal and family planning.

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