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    The Ministry of Education is pleased to report that students from Western Kingston sitting CSEC and CAPE, who were moved to sit the examinations in centres outside of their schools have turned up for their examinations. All students who should have turned up for the morning session did so, while four who were slated to be at the afternoon session did not turn up. The four students attend Denham Town High School. The principal of the school tried contacting the four students, and was informed by one parent that she was encountering financial challenges. We were unable to contact the other three students or their parents/guardians. The Ministry intends to have discussions with the parents of the students who missed today’s examination.
    The Ministry is again advising students who attend Tivoli High, Kingston High, Denham Town High, Charlie Smith High and Trench Town High schools and the parents/guardians of these students that sittings of CSEC and CAPE examinations slated to be held at those schools will be held at other locations for the rest of the examination season.
    The Ministry of Education is monitoring the situation in the western end of the city and will inform students and parents if there are any additional changes in the location of examinations.
    Examinations scheduled to be held at Tivoli High have been moved to St. Hugh’s High School.
    Examinations scheduled to be held at Kingston and Denham Town High schools will be held at Wolmer’s Boys and Girls High schools.
    The examinations scheduled to be held at Charlie Smith and Trench Town High schools are now to be held at the Overseas Examination Commission on Manhattan Road, off Marescaux Road.
    Students should report to these new locations by 8:15 for the morning session and noon for the afternoon session. Students of Denham Town High are advised that a bus is to leave the school at 7:30 for the first examination and noon for the second examination. Students please take advantage of the transportation provided. If you miss the bus you will have to find your way to the examination centre.
    In addressing the issue, Hon. Andrew Holness, Minister of Education said that communities presently gripped by tension should do everything to secure the education of their children, and expressed concerns that there could be a negative impact on children in those areas who will be sitting the Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Test which will be held in June 2010.
    Minister Holness said he was happy that there was a full turn out of students from the affected areas and is encouraging the communities to continue to support and promote the education of their children, even in trying times.

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