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Recruitment Officer at the HEART Trust/NTA, Milton Russell is urging persons in Central Jamaica to enroll in the certified skills training programmes offered by the agency in the region, so as to be better prepared for the global market place.
Outlining the many programmes that could be accessed through HEART, Mr. Russell said that at the vocational training centres in Black River and Junction in St. Elizabeth, and Newport in Manchester, training was offered in auto mechanics, electrical installation, food preparation, furniture production, secretarial skills, welding and fabrication, general construction, data entry, garment construction, cosmetology, and information technology.
Meanwhile, at the Ebony Park Academy in Clarendon, level one training is offered in agriculture, crop production, livestock production, agro-processing, housekeeping, apiculture, food preservation, inland aquaculture, entrepreneurship, tractor operation and maintenance and computer repairs.
Mr. Russell said that once a person fulfilled certain basic requirements in terms of qualifications, then it was not difficult to enroll at either the centre or academy level.
He told JIS News that all programmes offered by HEART/NTA, were aimed at preparing persons to be “globally competitive”.
“Our mission is to ensure that we have a world-class operation and that all persons we train are able to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of our nation,” he stated.

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