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Delphene Grandison, Health Education Officer for St. Elizabeth, is encouraging Jamaicans to practise safe sex to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Speaking at a meeting organized by the St. Elizabeth Health Department and the Jamaica Information Service in Brompton recently, Mrs. Grandison noted that with the prevalence of HIV other STIs, condom use was a must for all persons who were sexually active.
“It is up to you have to do as much as possible to safeguard your health as oftentimes, when someone has an infection, you cannot tell a persons health by just looking,” she pointed out.
Mrs. Grandison stated that there were certain safeguards to bear in mind especially when using a condom. “The first thing one is to examine the packet containing the condom very carefully, look for manufacture and expiry dates, feel it to see if there is any leakage and do not store or keep the condom in your wallets or billfold or in any place that it will be affected by direct sunlight,” she advised.
The Health Educator pointed out that in order to prevent the condom from bursting, the tip should be held and squeezed so as to remove any excess air prior to it being placed on the male sex organ.
“While holding the tip, slowly unroll until it reaches the base. Remember to put on the condom before intercourse and do not use grease, oils or petroleum jelly as lubricants, as these can cause the condom to break. Instead, use water-based products such as KY jelly,” she indicated.

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