JIS News

Repair work on the Manning’s Boy’s Home in Southfield, St. Elizabeth, is slated for completion by the end of May.
The $4 million project is expected to provide additional space at the home for administrators and residents.
In 2007, Hurricane Dean damaged the administrative block at the home, which forced the authorities to install make-shift offices and this affected full operation of the computer laboratory.
“When the work is completed, we will be able to transfer our administrative aspect of the work, and we will have an additional classroom. The computer lab will be up and running,” Manager at the home, Delroy Brown, told JIS News in an interview.
Assistant Manager at the facility, Seymour Rattigan, said although limited space affected the home, the staff continued the transformative work with the boys, as this was paramount to the workers.
“It was a challenge to operate in that kind of inconvenience. We faced it, and now we will soon have the building,” he said.
There are 20 boys at the home, which has a capacity for 60.