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  • Achieving appreciable, sustainable and equitable economic growth in Jamaica coupled with job creation must be the ‘prize’ for the extreme sacrifices our people have been making.
  • We are encouraging the rise of a new business-owning class to include all Jamaicans.
  • My administration is fully aware that we all, private sector and public sector, have to do many new things and approach traditional matters in new ways, to get better results.

I wish to welcome those of you who have travelled some distance to our fair isle. Welcome to Jamaica and in particular to Montego Bay, ‘The Complete Resort’.

I know that we are gathered here to discuss serious matters of an economic and developmental nature. However, I trust that you will have a chance to see more than the Convention Centre.

Do not feel even a touch of ‘guilt’, for taking a tour, visiting a beach or a restaurant. If you do, take comfort in knowing that you are supporting the Jamaican economy.

Tell yourself that the more you do, will mean that, not only have you participated in this important forum on economic growth, you will also have made a practical and meaningful contribution to Jamaica’s growth effort.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is indeed a forum whose time has come.

I say this because at this moment, there can be no greater imperative for us here in Jamaica, or for our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean region, than the great urgency of economic growth…READ MORE 

Download Remarks by the Prime Minister at the 2014 High-Level Caribbean Forum

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