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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw has announced that reclassification of health professionals would be done during the current fiscal fear.
Delivering the main address at the annual conference and awards ceremony of the Manchester Health Services, held on June 26 at the Mandeville Seventh Day Adventist Church, he noted that with the advent of the abolition of user fees at public health facilities, a need has arisen for more health workers, and the settling of wage increases for those who serve at public health facilities.
“This year we will settle the reclassification of not only nurses, but all of our health workers. In this regard, we have set aside some $3 billion to ensure that we put the health professionals in a position to be motivated in carrying out dedicated service to those who use the public health services, because the new policy of abolishing user fees has put great stress on workers in the system. So we must deal with the long standing issue, and also aggressively seek to recruit and train additional workers,” Mr. Shaw said.
He pointed out that the $3 billion would be in addition to the increase to be settled under the public sector Memorandum of Understanding.
The Minister pleaded with the health officials to be patient with persons who utilize the services provided at clinics and hospitals, adding that many of those who use the facilities are in need of guidance and that the professionals should help them to lift standards of personal conduct.
“Too many of us are abusing our bodies, and in the process we are stressing out the public health system in the country and creating more problems of funding for the system. As you carry out your work with patients, speak with them about their physical and mental well being; try to help them to lift the standards of personal conduct, how we relate to each other, and if they respond aggressively, don’t fight fire with fire, because if we lift the standard of our relations we will have less violent encounters and less problems for our health facilities,” Mr. Shaw argued.
Several health workers in the six Health Districts in the parish were honoured at the ceremony.

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