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Eleven members of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force will visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines on July 17 for 12 days, where they will participate in cultural, recreational, and other activities with other CARICOM cadets, and some from the Cayman Islands.
The camp is held every four years across the region and a major objective is to widen and deepen understanding among uniformed youth groups in the different territories.
Staff Officer at the Jamaica Combined Cadet head office, Major Simoan Foster told JIS News that the participants will exchange information about their cultures.
“The camp will see us going to different sites of interest in that country, meeting with its Prime Minister, and Minister of Security, and interacting with the locals and visitors, where we can present Jamaica in our own words. The business side will see lots of discussions and positions taken on youth development issues, and in keeping with the CARICOM Single Market, this year we will adopt a Regional Training Manual that we have developed for all Cadet Forces in the region,” she informed.
Germaine Anderson, a member of the Manchester High School cadet unit, which will be part of the camp, said he is elated to have been chosen to represent Jamaica at this regional gathering.
“The Cadet Force has made it possible for me to, not only travel to a foreign country for the first time, but to go to a Caribbean country where we face similar struggles in school life, and anti-social issues. The camp, I believe, will have a lot of fun, but most of it will be business, and I am looking forward to make my contribution and learn from the business sessions,” Mr. Anderson said.
Jamaica has the largest Cadet Force in the region, with over 3,000 members. The last camp was held on the island in 2006.

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