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The elegant corridor of Rose Hall, St. James, on December 16 welcomed its newest attraction in the form of a multipurpose shopping centre that facilitates both shopping and dining, and is aptly named Main Street Jamaica.

Formerly known as the Shoppes of Rose Hall, the rebranded and newly renovated facility, in addition to retaining much of its duty-free themed concept, now houses ice cream giant Devon House and also the popular Scotchies jerk franchise.

“It is also a platform on which the top local artisans can now showcase their products alongside global name-brand products for the consumption of local and visitors alike,” explained Main Street’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Anup Chandiram.

“To our visitors and locals alike, we managed to secure the number-one in each category of food, music, shopping and sports and entertainment – all unfolding before your eyes. We have Scotchies, best jerk; Café Blue, Devon House I-Scream, Kaya Herb House, offering CBD products; entertainment, art,” he said.

Mr. Chandiram, who was addressing the media, business interests and other stakeholders at the official opening of the facility, said it makes a lot of sense to diversify the tourism product, adding that the new concept will cater to both local and overseas clients.

He added that Main Street Jamaica is also a place where families can come to relax, noting that it has the space and ambience for proper social distancing.

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, described tourism and culture as “a very critical marriage”, adding that she is very excited to see what the Chandiram family has conceptualised at Main Street.

“I am really excited about Main Street and the concept because what it has done is to highlight what Jamaica is about – its music, its food and the great talent our artisans have,” she pointed out.

“It also opens opportunities for artisans, for craft people, and for the fantastic food that we have to offer,” she added.

For his part, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, noted that for many decades the Chandiram family has been one of the leaders of the in-bond industry and should be congratulated for making such an investment, “especially in a time like this”.

“This is a really inspiring vision by Anup Chandiram and his team to bring shopping at this level where we can be looking at world designs and using Jamaican designs to compete with them,” the Minister noted.

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