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Medical Officer of Health (MOH) for Hanover, Dr. Kaushal Singh, says that while the parish’s COVID-19 cases remain the lowest in the country, there is still cause for concern in light of a recent surge.

Dr. Singh, during a special sitting at the Hanover Municipal Corporation on December 15 to facilitate a visit from Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, said that not only is the parish not doing as well as it did in previous months but there are indications that some persons are still not adhering to the health and safety guidelines.

“While presenting this report, I have mixed feelings. We started on a positive note… but today, we are basically at the brink of a greater impact of this pandemic throughout the parish,” he said.

He noted that the blatant and in-your-face non-compliance of some residents has not been helping the situation, and warned that this has could have “dire consequences” if not expeditiously addressed.

Up to Saturday (December 19), the parish recorded one death related to COVID-19 and 285 cases.

Hanover’s neighbouring parishes of St. James and Westmoreland have 1,281 and 604 COVID-19 cases, respectively, a situation that is also causing fear of having “spillovers”.

“Our two neighbouring parishes are spiking. They have a lot of cases. The last three weeks have been very worrisome for Westmoreland.

We could easily see spillovers, as a lot of persons from Hanover also travel back and forth to both parishes for work-related matters,” Dr. Singh added.

He further noted that the eastern section of Lucea has the majority of the cases, while Green Island and Orange Bay have been identified as “new areas”.

Dr. Singh said in light of the surge in cases, the health department has organised several surveillance activities across the parish.

He is also urging individuals who want to be tested to contact the Hanover Health Department at 876-956-9873 or visit any of the Lucea, Green Island, Sandy Bay, Hopewell and Ramble health centres.

In the nine months since Jamaica recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 10, the country had 12,294 cases of the disease up to December 19.

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