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The Trelawny Chamber of Commerce and Industry has embarked on an initiative to promote unity among citizens in the parish.
Dubbed ‘Reach out and Touch’, the initiative will be officially launched with an all-day street party at Water Square in Falmouth on Sunday, November 7.
The event will showcase the wares of large and small businesses in the parish, including craft and food vendors and involve activities such as a domino tournament, hand cart races, cultural presentations, coconut and cane peeling contests, car stereo competition, patty eating contest, among other exciting activities.
Dennis Seivwright, President of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce, said it was hoped that the event would enhance civic pride and heighten the level of cooperation among residents. A chief aim of the event is to familiarize residents with leadership in the parish, including members of the business community.
Mr. Seivwright informed that the event would be open to the general public free of cost and would entail clean family entertainment.
“The Chamber craves the support of the people in and around Trelawny as the organisation works to create a level of togetherness owing to the fact that unity is the key to sure victory”, he stated.