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The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Defence Adviser in London, United Kingdom, Colonel Linton Graham was honoured by the Royal Navy when he was asked to take the official salute and be the Reviewing Officer at last week’s ‘Passing In’ Parade for graduates of the HMS Raleigh.
Colonel Graham also presented the Iraq Medal to graduate R. P. O. Tomlin who served on the HMS Chatham during the current campaign in Iraq.
In his speech to the 66 graduates and their families, Colonel Graham said it was a great honour and a privilege to be the Reviewing Officer. He also congratulated the graduates for the very high standard of drill achieved after a demanding and intensive course, which he said took a great deal of personal effort and determination.
“The Royal Navy has had a very long and illustrious history. Today, most importantly, you have marked this moment in history in fine style, bearing in mind that only just recently your Royal Navy commemorated the 199th Anniversary of Nelson’s glorious victory at Trafalgar. You should feel proud therefore to know that as a result of this auspicious occasion in history, you are now part of the best Navy in the world. I am sure you will continue this noble tradition,” Colonel Graham said.
He told the graduates that they had committed themselves to serve as a force for good in the world.
“In the long run, no navy, army or air-force can achieve anything without people. This is where you can and will play your part, as the training received here at HMS Raleigh has certainly prepared you for your future role as part of the naval team. You have committed yourself to defending your nation and its interests, and to serve as a force for good in the world,” Colonel Graham added.
The HMS Raleigh is located in South East Cornwall and is part of the Naval Recruiting and Training Agency. It provides Phase 1 training for Royal Navy new entrants as well as professional and career training in several areas, including the Royal Naval Logistics School, the Royal Naval School of Seamanship, and the Royal Naval Submarine School.

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