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Feature | October 27, 2014
Flexi Work
Increased employment opportunities, greater levels of productivity, flexible employee and employer work arrangements are some of the benefits to be derived from the introduction of the flexi work bill. The implementation of flexible working arrangement is an important element in the Government’s plans for continued economic growth.
Presenter: Prince Moore
Producer: Prince Moore
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Feature | November 14, 2018
The National Insurance Scheme.
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Feature | November 14, 2018
Calling all Young Jamaicans! the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information wants you to Level Up. This as the country celebrates Youth Month in November.
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Andrae Palmer
Feature | November 13, 2018
What you need to now this week.
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Feature | November 13, 2018
New CARIFORUM trade arrangement being finalized post BREXIT and Jamaica occupying central role in negotiations between ACP states and the European Union! This week we’re going for growth with Foreign affairs!
Presenter: Anthony Morgan
Producer: Anthony Morgan
Feature | November 9, 2018
95 percent of stakeholders have thrown their support behind the Government’s plastic ban! And as the start date draws closer, work is underway to ensure a smooth implementation.
Presenter: Anthony Morgan
Producer: Anthony Morgan
Feature | November 8, 2018
The Meteorological Service of Jamaica.
Presenter: Drama
Producer: Vanessa Silvera