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The St. Mary office of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), has expressed satisfaction at the response to the farmers' market, which was recently held in the parish, as part of the national effort to assist farmers to get rid of the oversupply of certain crops.

Held at the Trinity Boxing Plant in Port Maria, the crops available were sweet potato, sweet pepper, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, orange and hot pepper.

RADA’s Marketing Officer for St. Mary, Alfred Dunkley told JIS News that the response from the public  was good, adding that an estimated 600 patrons made purchases at the  event.

He said that while St Mary was not experiencing much of a glut or oversupply of farm produce, the parish had supplies of lettuce and tomato, sweet potato and cabbage.

Mr. Dunkley said that the overwhelming public support made it necessary for the farmers to replenish their stocks during the day, adding that the market assisted the farmers to earn some extra income.

He said that a survey conducted by RADA at the site indicated that a repeat of the venture would be well supported, and that any future staging of the event would definitely involve more support from RADA.                                                                        



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