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The importance of the work  of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica were highlighted at a public forum, held at the Anglican Church Hall, in Port Maria, St. Mary, on February 2.

The event was the first in a series of meetings planned islandwide to acquaint Jamaicans with the functions of the Bureau and to sensitise them about the regulatory requirements established by that organisation.

Executive Director of the Bureau, Noel Osbourne said the event was held to encourage Jamaicans to adhere to the established regulatory standards relating to the business operations in which they are involved.

He said the Bureau was cognizant of the need to engage in dialogue with the people, to listen to their concerns, and to make them understand the importance of complying with required standards if they are to compete successfully on the local and global markets.

Mr. Osbourne said that apart from the regulatory services that the entity provides, it also offers laboratory services to test products for standards, and provides training in quality for persons who are desirous of ensuring that their products are of a particular standard.

He exhorted Jamaican producers to work closely with the Bureau, emphasising that the country has to ensure that its products are of high equality to compete successfully with goods produced by other countries.

Regional Inspector for St. Ann and St. Mary, Garth Smith said the Bureau’s conformity assessment functions involve a variety of processes whereby goods and services are required to meet prescribed standards.

He noted that the regulatory functions of the Bureau are very important, to ensure the safety of the Jamaican people and the production of goods of acceptable equality, adding that conformity to the standards set by the organisation is enforced by inspectors specially employed for that purpose.                             

Mr. Smith said among the benefits businesses derive from the maintenance of standards are the building of consensus,  order in the marketplace, the enhancement of economic efficiency, the development of confidence in a product, and the creation of reliance on a product.                                                                                    



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