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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) is in the process of assessing agricultural losses in the parish of Clarendon as a result of Hurricane Ivan.Percival Shaw, RADA Parish Manager for Clarendon, told JIS News that the process started on Monday (September 27), with assistance from staff from the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR). “We are in the process of doing the assessment and verification of damage to farmers in Clarendon and we expect that after verification, we will be submitting the forms to the relevant body for processing of agricultural coupons, which will be distributed to the farmers,” he informed.
Preliminary estimates put the loss of agriculture in the parish at some $610 million with about 2,000 farmers affected. Approximately 1,081 hectares of domestic crops valued at about $250 million were destroyed, including vegetables, ground provisions, pulses, cereals, condiments and spices.
This is in addition to the loss of livestock valued at about $270 million, including more than 1 million chickens, over 2,000 pigs, 1,200 heads of cattle and approximately 15,000 goats and 350 hectares of bananas for local consumption valued at about $90 million.
Mr. Shaw pointed out that the $610 million did not include damage to fruit crops such as citrus, coffee, cocoa and sugar cane, as these were being accounted for by the relevant governing bodies such as the Cocoa & Coffee Industry Boards & The Sugar Industry Authority.

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