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All 114 shelters that were opened in St. Ann during Hurricane Ivan three weeks ago, are now closed, and most of the 7,000 shelter seekers have returned to their homes.
This was disclosed to JIS News by Alvin Clarke, Parish Disaster Co-ordinator.
“To date, these shelters are no longer in operation and most of the victims have returned home. However, approximately 50 families are still staying with other family members and friends in the parish,” he added. Mr. Clarke pointed out that relief assistance has been reaching victims of the hurricane, as several national relief organizations have been assisting in the programme.
National relief organizations, such as the Red Cross Society, St. John’s Ambulance, and the Seventh Day Adventists have been helping to distribute food and various comfort items to persons who were badly affected by the hurricane.
The Co-ordinator told JIS News that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Parish Council were also working assiduously to make the people in St. Ann as comfortable as possible.
“Currently, the JPSCo has restored light to 90 per cent of the parish, and water has been made available to most persons,” he said. Mr. Clarke pointed out that all roads in the parish have been cleared. He appealed to members of the public to be more supportive in times of disaster. “We need the public not to see a disastrous event as something from which they can benefit, but to give assistance to affected persons who are truly in need,” he stressed.

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