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Dear ColleaguesSince the beginning of the year, we have analysed the matrices submitted by the Ministries, Departments and Agencies. That is, we have looked at their subjects, budget, services provided, staffing, as well as, their own recommendations of what functions should be retained, merged, transferred, reorganized or privatized.
We have also held one-on-one discussions and consultations with each Permanent Secretary, to share with them our own preliminary assessment of their particular matrix, as well as, to garner from them additional information which might be needed. Members of the PSTU having everyone’s information, have the benefit of seeing the global picture and we can from that vantage point, bring certain perspectives on the recommendations presented.
These discussions with the Permanent Secretaries have been very useful and productive and have helped us considerably in analyzing properly each Ministry, its Agencies and Departments. In addition to the meetings with Permanent Secretaries, we have also continued our visits to Ministries to brief and interact with Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and senior staff members and in some cases, with the general staff. These discussions have also been most enlightening and stimulating.
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