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Public officials can now submit their statutory declarations within their organisations.

Previously, they were required to file declarations at the Integrity Commission’s office in New Kingston.

All parliamentarians, members of the security forces, and public officials who are in receipt of total emoluments (salary and allowances) of $3.5 million and above, and persons required by notice published in the Jamaica Gazette or requested in writing by the Commission, must file a statutory declaration. The deadline date is March 31, 2021.

Manager of the Declarations Unit, Information and Complaints Division at the Integrity Commission, Joeth Jones-Hall, provided details during a recent interview on the JIS Television programme, ‘Get the Facts’.

She said the Commission has taken steps to decentralise the collection in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“So, this year we are strongly encouraging all declarants not to come to the Commission’s office, but they can now securely submit their statutory declarations at their own organisation,” she added.

Mrs. Jones-Hall said that police officers can submit their statutory declarations to any of their five divisional headquarters, while Jamaica Defence Force officers should submit at their respective Unit Headquarters.

Other public officers can submit at established collection points within their ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

Mrs. Jones-Hall said the Commission, in collaboration with public bodies, has distributed envelopes, seals and secured containers to secure statutory declarations at collection points.

“Declarants will be given an envelope, they will be given seals and there are secured containers located at your organisations, so declarants can submit at their organisation,” she added.

Mrs. Jones-Hall pointed out that at the end of the collection period, the containers will be delivered by each entity or collected by the Integrity Commission.

“The statutory declarations will then be recorded and a receipt sent to the declarants electronically,” she added.

For further details, persons can call the Integrity Commission at (876)-968-6227, (876)-926-2288; or visit the website www.integrity.gov.jm.

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