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The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce(MIIC) has received $31.4 million, to assist micro, small and medium sized enterprises(MSMEs) increase their competitiveness in the agro-processing and craft sub-sectors.
Under the Productive Integration of Micro-Enterprises in Jamaica/Industry Modernisation project 2009, there will be continued management and administration of the programme, with the completion of baseline studies of eight newly organised micro-enterprise network groups, as well as diagnostic assessment of business plans produced for eight groups of beneficiaries.
The targets also include: completion of internal agro-processing expert services to agro-processing groups; workshops in industry-specific areas; registration and formalisation of enterprises; brand strengthening activities; capacity building for intermediaries to increase the suppliers and product enhancement; continued preparation of printed materials, such as brochures, bookmarkers and a banners aimed at dissemination of the Productive Integration Model; and, continued public education awareness activities.
Negotiations with potential loan providers and business partners, and purchasers of group products are in progress.
The project, which started in April, 2005, is scheduled for completion May, 2010. Funding is provided by the Government of Jamaica and a Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Grant.

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