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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, today (May 28), presented a motorised wheelchair to Sergeant Cecil Smythe, during a ceremony at the City Centre Police Station, in downtown Kingston.
The wheelchair will assist the committed policeman, who was made physically challenged some 22 years ago after being accidentally shot by a colleague while on duty, to move around more comfortably while carrying out his duties.
In his remarks, the Prime Minister commended Sergeant Smythe for his dedication to serving the Force and the people of the area to which he is assigned.
He noted that the motorised chair will assist in improving the quality of service he gives to the Force, adding that it will assist him in moving around more easily.
“He had difficulty moving around, because he was operating from a manual wheelchair, which is particularly burdensome. With (this) motorised wheelchair, he will be able to move around more efficiently and it will complement what you see in him- the spirit,” Mr. Golding said.
Thanking the Prime Minister for the kind gesture, Sergeant Smythe said that, “the chair will make me more comfortable and it will go a far way in assisting me to do my duties.”
Sergeant Smythe, who is attached to the City Centre Police station, informed that with the manual wheelchair, he had to utilise his arm more, as it tended to require more work. He noted that the new wheelchair can be operated at the “touch of a button.”
He said even though it is a challenge at times to get around, he remains committed to serving as he has the continued support and assistance of the church, family, co-workers and friends.
Officer in charge at the station, Inspector Percival Buddhan, said the motorised wheelchair “couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.”
“It is indeed a wonderful gesture and it will go a far way in assisting him in carrying out his everyday duties,” he said.
The Inspector said that Sergeant Smythe is a very resilient type of person, who has a strong courage, “as often times he will go into his personal vehicle and will go on inquires and that in itself, is something very worthwhile.”

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