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Prime Minister Andrew Holness has signed an order under the Risk Management Act (Enforcement  Measures) 2020 implementing incoming airport passenger restrictions while allowing travel to Jamaican citizens entering the island.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness signed the order after consultations and careful consideration for especially those citizens who would have previously booked a return travel to the island prior to the announcement on Friday of restrictions on all incoming passenger vessels for 14 days.

Incoming and outgoing cargo vessels are not restricted.

The previously announced restriction came into effect at midnight, March 21 as a measure to stem the imported cases of the novel COVID-19 virus which has affected nations around the globe.

The signed Enforcement Measure, means that Jamaicans employed on contract in overseas programmes between the Government and a private entity, those privately employed, seamen, airline crew and Jamaican citizens who had booked a ticket before the 20th of March, will now have until the 24th March to return to the island.

In the meantime, the Government has advised that all returning citizens must adhere to a period of quarantine upon arrival in the island.

In addition, each individual must comply with all applicable directions given and requirements imposed by an authorised officer.

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