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The new academic year got off to a smooth start in Portland yesterday, with most schools in the parish reporting a successful first day.
Surveys conducted by JIS News indicated that the schools all experienced high student attendance levels with no major dislocations.
Principals of various schools have expressed general satisfaction with the re-opening process, despite the setback caused to some institutions by the passage of Hurricane Dean.
Beryl Jengelly, Director of the Ministry of Education and Youth’s Regional Office in Port Antonio, told JIS News that she was pleased with the smooth start the schools had experienced, although some were faced with the temporary challenges relating to shortage of furniture and damaged caused by the hurricane.
She said the Ministry has been moving expeditiously to address these difficulties, adding that some schools have already been provided with additional furniture, while others having similar needs are scheduled to receive their supplies shortly.
Noting that some schools damaged by Hurricane Dean have received cheques from the Ministry to effect the necessary repairs, she said tarpaulins have also been presented to some schools to be used temporarily on roofs, which were damaged by the hurricane.
Turning to the matter of funding for the schools, Mrs. Jengelly said there should be no problem in that regard, as all schools in the parish have been provided with sufficient financial support to ensure a satisfactory start for the year.

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