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Alumina Partners of Jamaica (Alpart) at Nain in St. Elizabeth has provided much needed assistance to a number of educational institutions that were recently impacted by Hurricane Dean.
Speaking to JIS News, Public Relations Manager at the company, Lance Neita noted that so far, some $2 million has been earmarked for schools in South St. Elizabeth and South Manchester that were severely damaged.
“These include Munro College, Hampton High School, Bethlehem Moravian College, Manning’s Boys Home, Nain and New Forest Junior High Schools, Ballards Valley, Red Bank, Russells and Bull Savannah Primary
Mr. Neita explained that cheques valued at $250,000 each, have already been handed over to Hampton, Munro and Bethlehem.
“All three institutions lost roofs and suffered structural damage with Munro’s library building and books totally devastated by the storm. Funds for the recovery programme come from a special grant for hurricane relief made available by Alpart’s owners, UC RUSAL and Hydro Aluminium,” he said.
Mr. Neita pointed out that this contribution was an extension of an earlier commitment made on August 24 by both Alpart and Windalco to provide some $83 million grant to assist employees and community-based institutions in their operating areas around St. Elizabeth, Manchester, St. Catherine and St. Ann.
“The employee fund is being used to assist hundreds of employees who experienced substantial damage to their homes, while the community contribution is focused on a number of educational, health, agricultural and community development facilities,”
The Public Relations Manager indicated that through the same programme, a number of workers in the field of agriculture have been assisted in a very
“Some 480 farmers in St. Elizabeth have already benefited from this grant through a distribution of agricultural material vouchers by the Alpart Community Council,” he said.

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