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Teacher at the Norwich Primary School in Portland, Celia Roper, was on October 28, presented with the award for Top Guidance Counsellor of the Year for the 2007/08 academic year, by the Ministry of Education.
The presentation was made during the 7th Annual Exemplary Guidance and Counselling Programme Awards, which was held at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) main campus in Mandeville.
In accepting the award, Miss. Roper noted that the past academic year proved challenging for her.
“This was one my toughest years as a counsellor. I was tried, I was tested, but through it all, God was always there with me. The teachers at my school supported me wholeheartedly, and my students, who saw that, at some points, I was going to give up, helped me to hold on. I tried everything possible… to assist the (persons whom) I serve. They include: my staff, my students, and my community members; even people who are not part of the community or the school family, I tried to extend myself to them,” she said.
Noting her cognisance of the current societal challenges, Miss Roper pledged to continue working in the interest of her school, and community.
“When I took this job, I was aware of the challenges, (and) I vowed to serve my students, my teachers, and anyone who came under my purview. That is what I vowed to do.. always and forever,” Miss Roper added.
In commending her colleague, Acting Principal of the Norwich Primary School, Margaret McKenzie, told JIS News that Miss Roper epitomized the strength existing within the school, describing her as dependable and supportive.
“Celia Roper is… a motivator, she is a listener, and she reaches out to just about anyone who needs her attention. Almost all the students know of the efforts that she makes for their development. I always tell persons that, when they miss her from duty, she is either at a workshop or in the community assisting someone. She goes beyond the call of duty for the school and people in general,” Ms. McKenzie informed.

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