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Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Local Government Reform, Robert Montague, has mandated all Mayors to immediately conduct an assessment of all places of amusement within their jurisdictions.
This directive, Mr. Montague told JIS News, comes against the background of what he said are reports that a number of nightclubs and other places of entertainment, are in deemed to be in breach of the Places of Amusement Regulations.
Under the regulations, nightclubs are required to adhere to a number of stipulations for public safety. These include having adequate and clearly defined entrances and exits, as well as ensuring that passageways, aisles, and staircases have sufficient space to facilitate the safe and comfortable movement of individuals.
One regulation stipulates that aisles and staircases should be no less than four feet wide. Additionally, that adequate security measures should be in place to prevent patrons from entering the premises with firearms and other weapons.
Mr. Montague warned that local authorities face stiff sanctions, if they fail to enforce the regulations, and has instructed that a report of the assessments be forwarded him at the Department of Local Government.

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