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PORT ANTONIO — The Portland Parish Council is staging a series of community meetings, as it seeks to get residents more involved in the process of governance and improve compliance in the payment of fees and taxes.

Mayor of Port Antonio, Councillor Floyd Patterson, told JIS News that delinquency in the payment of relevant fees is affecting the Council’s ability to deliver quality service and implement development initiatives.

He said the Council is collecting only about 45 per cent of the amount it should be receiving in property taxes and other charges, and the aim is to improve compliance to at least 75 per cent to enable the implementation of a number of projects including a heritage park in the Boundbrook area of Port Antonio, and a sculpture park on the old railway compound, also in the parish capital.

With meetings already held in Buff Bay, Hope Bay, Mount Pleasant, Moore Town, Nonsuch and Port Antonio, Mayor Patterson is appealing to residents to attend the other planned sessions and participate in the discussions to have their voice heard on critical matters and get a better understanding of how the Council operates and how they can improve the effectiveness of the body.

He said residents have a right to expect the best quality service from the Council at all times, as it carries out its mandate for the development of the parish.

He stated that the Council is fully committed to working with residents and other development-oriented organisations to promote the social and economic advancement of Portland.



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