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MANDEVILLE — Chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group, Robert Levy, has charged the 2011 graduating class of the St. Elizabeth-based Munro College to be honest and truthful in their conduct at all times, noting that these qualities will put them on a path to lasting success.

Delivering the keynote address at the institution’s valedictory service held at the school’s auditorium on Sunday June 26, Mr. Levy used his personal experience, noting that after he became spiritually aware, he was able to shun unruly conduct, and became focused on the virtues that bring inner peace and true business success.

“Some of you are going to face situations where, financially, you hit the very bottom and you have no idea where the next penny is going to come from. There are going to be times when you are challenged to do something deceitful…but be honest and straightforward in your dealings,” he urged.

Principal of the school, Albert Corcho, in his presentation said the institution takes pride in its mission to adequately prepare young men to contribute to the development of the society.  He encouraged the boys, as they leave the confines of the institution, to draw on the skills learnt, noting that they have been equipped for success.

“Gentlemen, you have completed one phase of your journey. The academic lifestyle you have developed at Munro provides an excellent foundation for whatever path you choose in life; we expect you to do well,” he stated.

Fifth form student, Douglas Bowen, said the school has prepared them to always strive for the best, adding that failure was not an option.

“To those we leave behind, I encourage you to set goals for yourselves and to strongly stand for something that can give your life direction and purpose. Continue to shine that light, because society needs more men and fewer boys,” he urged.

Sixth form student and valedictorian, Julian Gordon, said the lessons learnt will stay with them throughout their lives. “Lessons taught in and outside the classroom will permeate our minds forever. We have learnt many lessons at this institution, from both the formal and informal curricular, and we should never forget them,” he said.

He implored his fellow graduates not to forget the teachings imparted. “Do not let the hard work of the administrators, teachers and other staffs be in vain. Wherever you go from here, always remember that faith can give us courage to face the present with courage and the future with expectancy,” he stated.



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