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The Portland Fire Brigade, recently carried out inspections of several homes in the parish, to ensure compliance with fire safety measures and procedures.
The inspections, which were conducted at households in the districts of Cascade, Tranquility, Spring Hill, Windsor Forest and surrounding areas, were part of activities to mark Fire Awareness Week, from October 26 to November 1 under the theme: ‘Awareness the Key to a Fire Safe Community’.
District Officer, George Brown, of the Port Antonio Fire Station, who was in charge of the operation, told JIS News, that the programme was successfully implemented and commended the residents of the communities for the high level of co-operation they displayed.
He said a total of 130 homes were inspected, adding that the major focus of the exercise was identifying hazards, such as faulty electrical wiring and the location of stoves in areas, which have strong risks for fire.
Where threats were evident, he said, the residents were sensitised about the importance of ensuring that the required fire safety standards were put in place. He expressed confidence that those who benefitted from the exercise would pass on the lessons learnt.
Sgt. Brown said that plans were in place to include the inspection exercise in future Fire Safety Awareness Week activities, to reduce the incidence of fires in the parish.

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