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Six Crane trucks were recently commissioned by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), for use in its clean-up activities.
The vehicles are specialised units and will be dispatched to all the regional offices of the Authority, according to Managing Director, Joan Gordon Webley.
These new units will be integrally involved in the National Community Clean-Up exercise, which commenced on November 4, said a news release from the Authority.
The National Community Clean-Up campaign, ‘Restoring Jamaica’s Beauty Is Our Duty’, is an initiative of the NSWMA, to clean-up the country and improve the way it looks, Mrs. Webley said, adding that the Authority planned to partner with all Parish Councils to identify and remove derelict vehicles and bulky waste, and transport them to landfills.
She is encouraging community groups and the general public, to contact the NSWMA at 1 888 253 2652, or call the respective regional office, to ascertain community collection schedules or to get other required information.
Citizens are being encouraged to inform the NSWMA of the presence and location of derelicts and bulky waste in their community, to allow for ready and speedy collection.
This clean-up initiative will last for approximately six weeks and will be conducted islandwide.

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