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As efforts continue to restore normality to areas of Eastern Portland ravaged by last week’s heavy rains, the Portland Disaster Committee is currently investigating the full extent of the damage.
The investigations are being conducted with a view of providing assistance to affected persons in the area.Heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds wreaked havoc on a number of communities in Eastern Portland on May 9, causing flooding in a number of areas and damage to the roofs of several houses.
In addition, several roadways were blocked as a result of landslides, fallen trees and other debris.Among the communities worst affected by the disaster are Manchioneal, Long Road and Hectors River.
Denise Lewis, Portland’s Disaster Co-ordinator, told JIS News that so far, a total of 14 persons have been identified for assistance, adding that the help of organizations such as the Jamaica Red Cross, Food for the Poor and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management would be sought in the effort to address the plight of the affected persons.
Mrs. Lewis said that the assistance effort was being spearheaded by the Portland office of the Minister of Labour and Social Security, on behalf of the Portland Disaster Committee.
Meanwhile, the National Works Agency (NWA) has been working full time to clear roads in the areas which have been blocked as a result of the heavy rains.In an interview with JIS News, Winston Palmer, NWA Parish Manager for Portland, said all the roads have either been fully cleared or have been sufficiently cleared to accommodate single lane traffic.
He said the NWA would continue to work relentlessly to ensure that all the roads in the area are fully cleared as early as possible.

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