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Residents of St. Thomas will participate in the rehabilitation and clean-up of heritage sites, including Paul Bogle Square and the ancestral burial ground in the parish, on Labour Day (May 23).
The activities will be carried out under the theme, ‘Honouring our Ancestors.Strengthening Communities’.
Social Development Commission (SDC) Field Services Manager, Luther Cummings told JIS News that Labour Day activities would focus on the clean-up of cemeteries attached to churches and which have “historical significance.” Last year, he said, the ancestral burial site behind the Morant Bay Court House was cleaned and the fencing completed with financial assistance from the business community in St Thomas.
“There is still much work to be done in relation to the sanitary convenience, which we hope to include in this year’s Labour Day activities,” he said. Over 70 letters have been sent to business entities seeking funds, he added.
“We are looking forward for their usual co-operation. Last year we managed to get about $150,000.00 from the business sector. We’re looking, hopefully, to get some more money from them this year,” he added.
He said the SDC would be making every effort to sensitise communities regarding Labour Day activities by involving the Chairpersons of the Development Areas and the Community Development Committees.
In addition, Mr. Cummings said a Parish Labour Day Committee had been formed, comprising 25 persons, including councillors and representatives of the private and public sectors and co-chaired by the Custos of St. Thomas, Marcia Bennett and the Mayor of Morant Bay, Joan Spencer.
He said that the committee members attended a meeting at the Parish Council’s office on Friday, May 11, to examine registered projects and to decide on the number of projects that would receive assistance.
“So far, we have received about 40 application forms for projects and we are anticipating some more,” he added.

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