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Several projects were undertaken in Portland today as the communities of the parish put work into Labour Day. The JIS News team visited a number of projects which included the bushing of roadways, the refurbishing of community amenities, including churches, schools and community centres, and other government buildings, the cleaning up of playfields and the beautification of communities.
A total of 45 Labour Day projects were registered with the Portland Labour Day Committee, up to yesterday (May 22). That number includes the Parish Labour Day project, which involves the cleaning up and beautification of the town of Port Antonio.
Among the areas receiving special focus under that project are the mini park at Bryan’s Bay in the western section of the town, the open lot in the vicinity of the main office of the Portland Parish Council on Gideon Avenue, and the area in front of Carla Park on Allan Avenue.
The work being carried out in those areas include the laying of top soil; the erecting of painted seats and planter boxes; the planting of trees; collection and disposal of garbage, and the painting of sidewalks.
When JIS News visited the sites of the parish project, the areas were abuzz with activities as the participants were busy making a special effort to complete the work by the end of the day. Mayor of Port Antonio and coordinator for the Portland Labour Day Committee, Councillor Rupert Kelly expressed satisfaction with the way in which the day’s activities were progressing.
Noting that the spirit of putting work into Labour Day was still high in Portland, Mayor Kelly praised the communities for the high level of volunteerism they had displayed in undertaking the projects embarked on, and gave the assurance that projects which were unfinished at the end of the day would be completed as soon as possible.

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