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Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are expected to be recertified in the use of weapons by the end of December.
This disclosure was made by the head of the Firearms and Use of Force Task Group, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Paul Robinson, in an interview with JIS News.
According to ACP Robinson, members of the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) and District Constables will also be included in the programme.
“This year, every member of the JCF, ISCF and District Constables, will have the opportunity to attend and be recertified in the use of the weapons they are issued,” he declared.
He explained that officers who fail to successfully complete the initial exercise, will receive additional training to ensure that they meet the standards required by the JCF.
He noted that there has been significant improvements in firearms training provided by the JCF, since the formation of the Firearms and Use of Force Task Group some 15 months ago.
ACP Robinson explained that the Force is certifying the officers because of the soon to be introduced MP5 and Glock pistols.
“What we are doing this year is to recertify them primarily on the MP5, which is about to be rolled out across the island, and the Glock pistols which have been brought in to replace the .38 revolvers which, in many cases, are well beyond their serviceable life,” he added.
Mr. Robinson said that, in order to train the full capacity of the force, the JCF has now beefed up its range capacity at Twickenham Park so that 12 to 24 officers can be trained at once.
“What we have done in the last six months is to increase or double the range capacity so, instead of having only 12 officers being trained at one time, we can now increase it to 24,” he asserted.
He also informed JIS that the JCF is now working in the north west of the island, and is also looking to train officers on private ranges close to their place of work and, as such, will not affect their duties.
The force has also introduced judgment training and turning target mechanisms. The Firearms and Coastal branches of the JCF have been dismantled and replaced by the Firearms and Use of Force Task Group.

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