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Minister of Mining and Telecommunications, Derrick Smith, has suggested that Jamaicans consider computer literacy as one way of survival in an increasingly fast-paced global village which is heavily dependent on technology.
The Minister was delivering the keynote address at the recent e-Learning Certification exercise for teachers, at the Glenmuir High School in Clarendon.
He reminded the participants that in order to be equipped to move with the times, it was essential to become conversant with the various forms of technology at their disposal, particularly the computer which has become an integral part of the modern communications process.
“Today a lot of persons are frowning on persons who are not computer literate, and if you are not computer literate, you are going to be left behind,” the Minister warned.
He commended the collaborative effort of the various stakeholders who have made the e-Learning project a reality. He also cited the need to provide schools with technological equipment, in order to ensure a sound educational base for future generations.
“We must focus on how the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can make teaching and learning more effective. We must provide our teachers with all the technical assistance possible, if they are to continuously do a good job and, by enhancing their teaching methods, it is the nation that will benefit in the years to come,” Mr. Smith asserted.
Teachers were advised, by the Minister, to effectively use their newly-acquired skills to further the interest of their students.
“Let your students understand, from day one, the importance of education, especially as it relates to computer literacy in this competitive world. Let them stand up and be counted,” he implored.
The 305 teachers who participated in this second certification exercise, have been trained and certified to use Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to impart curriculum content in 11 different subject areas.
The programme will see thousands of teachers from 166 public high schools, six public special schools and eight teachers colleges being trained over the next several months.
The e-Learning project is a joint venture of the Ministries of Mining and Telecommunications and Education. It is essentially the use of electronic equipment, such as the computer, DVD players, projectors, radio and web-based material, among others, to optimise the results of the learning process. It is expected to phenomenally change the face of education within the Jamaican context, improving significantly the performance of high school students in the CXC/CSEC examinations.

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