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The Police High Command is reporting a significant reduction in all major crimes for July, the second consecutive month recording a decline.
Police statistics released last week showed that the number of incidents committed during July was 38 per cent lower than the corresponding period in 2009. The incidents under review include: rape, carnal abuse, robbery, break-ins and larceny.
According to the police, murders committed during July were 84, some 48 per cent less than the 160 for the corresponding period last year. It was also the second consecutive month that murders were falling under the 100 mark, with June having recorded an eight per cent decline.
Shootings recorded the most significant decrease during July, falling by 61 per cent, from 171 in July 2009 to 67 this year.
Other declines in major crimes recorded are as follows: rape – 37 per cent; carnal abuse – 42 per cent; robbery – 43 per cent; break-ins – 13 per cent; and larceny -39 per cent.
The challenging police divisions of Kingston Western, St. Andrew South,
St. James and Clarendon all reported declines in their murder rates during July. Kingston Western led the way with 50 per cent, recording only two incidents; St. James – nine this year, compared to 19 in 2009, a 53 per cent fall; Clarendon – 11, as against 21 in 2009, a 48 per cent decline; and St. Andrew South – seven, in comparison to 23, a 70 per cent reduction.

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