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Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the Anti-Corruption Branch within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Justin Felice, has described as alarming, the 149 members booted from the force as a result of unprofessional conduct.
According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), the JCF has embarked on a three-year aggressive campaign to cleanse the organisation of corruption, and it is time for the “good officers” within the force to start curbing the unethical behaviour of others among them.
Since the campaign began in January 2010, 105 members have not been permitted to re-enlist in the JCF. In addition, 26 members have been retired in the public’s interest, while 18 were dismissed as a result of corruption. Ten civilians have so far been charged with corrupting members of the JCF.
The ACP also told JIS News that over the same period, 55 persons have been arrested by the anti-corruption branch of the JCF for breaches, of which 31 have been charged.
“Police personnel accounted for 36, with 21 being charged. There were 19 civilians, with 10 being charged,” ACP Felice informed, adding that those not yet charged are currently undergoing investigation.
He said that for the rest of the campaign, all available measures within the legislation and the rules of the JCF will be used to purge the force of corrupt members.

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