Police Pleased With Recommendations From Scotland Yard

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Mark Shields has expressed satisfaction with the recommendations made by a team of officials from Scotland Yard, about the investigations into the murder of Pakistani Cricket Coach, Bob Woolmer.
“The Metropolitan police have made a number of recommendations which I am very pleased to have received. There was nothing particularly dramatic in that process as it was very much a support function. They worked with the team for the past two weeks and the relationship has been very good and very open,” he said today (April 14), at a press conference held at the Police Officers’ Club on Hope Road The recommendations came out of a review of the investigative process to date into the murder of the famous coach, who was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Jamaica Pegasus on March 18 and was pronounced dead at the hospital after efforts to resuscitate him failed.
Headed by Detective Superintendent John Sweeney, the review team has been in the island for two weeks. Two members of the team left on April 13, while the other two will remain until April 16.
“The review was a way in which we could ensure that we were doing everything that we could in order to establish who murdered Bob Woolmer,” Mr. Shields explained, adding that it was only a natural part of the process of the investigation.
When asked about the recommendations, the Deputy Commissioner said it would be inappropriate to give the details at this time. “They are into various categories.so they cover a whole array of things. some of them we were already doing, and others are quite reasonable ideas but they are recommendations about things we may do or may not do, but frankly it would be prudent to take their advice,” he added.
In addition to the recommendations, Mr. Shields disclosed that the closed circuit television footage from the Jamaica Pegasus as well as from other places, which had been transported to the famed Scotland Yard, had yielded some positive results.
“I now have some of the results which are excellent and give us a clearer picture of people’s movements within the Pegasus Hotel and elsewhere,” he informed. He expressed delight with the assistance that Scotland Yard was able to provide as, the Jamaica Constabulary Force did not have the resources to conduct that part of the work.
“When we cannot do it, we are not too proud to ask others for help and that is exactly what we did and as a result of that, we have got excellent product. The people involved have been in many serious cases in the United Kingdom in terms of CC TV and so we have the best people and state-of-the-art technology to assist us,” he noted.
However, Mr. Shields was quick to add that although the images from the footage were clearer, it was still too early to talk about any suspect. “Throughout the investigation I have said I am going to keep a very open mind and until all of the work that is in progress is done and complete .then the open mind state will stay,” he stressed.
He said that were still many potential suspects and there were even more potential witnesses that needed to be traced

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