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Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of Operations (DCP), Glenmore Hines, is assuring Jamaicans that the police is on full alert and will be carrying out regular duties across the island.
He told JIS News that all divisional officers have been mobilised and deployed to provide security against any criminal activities.
A number of communities across the island have suffered significant road and infrastructural damage from the heavy torrential rains associated with Tropical Storm Nicole.
Some of these communities include August Town, Red Hills Road, and Kintyre in Kingston; Thompson Pen, Bog Walk Gorge, and Serenity Park in St. Catherine; Four Path and Portland Cottage in Clarendon; Burnt Savanna and Fullerswood in St. Elizabeth; and the Junction road in the vicinity of Castleton in St. Mary. In Westmoreland, a number of homes and businesses along Darling and Beckford Streets, including the Savanna-La-Mar Cooperative Credit Union were severely damaged, while the Savanna-la-Mar Baptist Church was destroyed.
The severity of the damage in many of these communities has raised security concerns as displacement and dislocation heightens.
Rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Nicole is forecasted to continue for the next three days.

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