JIS News

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Charles Scarlett, is calling for all Jamaicans to give their support to the security forces as they carry out their duties to eradicate criminals and gangs from the country.
“I just want to use the opportunity to appeal to all Jamaicans to support us in our legitimate lawful activity to pursue, apprehend and arrest persons involved in acts of violence and other acts of illegality across the country,” he told the JIS News today (May 29), at a briefing held at the Police Commissioner’s Office in St. Andrew.
“Public support is critical to any police operation and we ask people to keep that in mind as we seek to restore law and order,” DCP Scarlett continued.
A joint police/ military team has been in sections of West Kingston since Monday (May 24), following the breakout of violence, which coincided with the signing of an arrest warrant for Christopher Coke.
The conflict has left 73 people dead and more than 980 persons were detained by the police, with 10 still in custody for interrogation in relation to various crimes.

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