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    The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has announced that it has processed and released approximately 980 persons, who were detained during the joint police/military operation in West Kingston.
    At a special briefing this morning (May 29) with JIS News at the Police Commissioner’s headquarters on Old Hope Road, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Charles Scarlett, said operations at the National Arena have been shut down as of 11 o’clock today.
    He said that anyone detained later would be taken to the Mobile Reserve on South Camp Road.
    DCP Scarlett told JIS News that most of the detainees were processed and released within 48 hours and in cases where persons were held longer, it was because of discrepancies in the information they gave to the police.
    He informed that there were 67 juveniles and four women among those detained and priority was given these groups, to ensure that they were not held for prolonged periods.
    “When the juveniles were released, they were released in the care of two persons in the West Kingston area. We provided the transportation that conveyed them to the community; two trips were made. It is to my certain knowledge that we got no complaints in relation to any mistreatment,” he stated.
    He noted that one of the juveniles was released into the custody of the Child Development Agency (CDA) because there were problems establishing guardianship.
    DCP Scarlett told JIS News that personnel from the CDA, the Peace Management Initiative and Jamaica Red Cross were allowed to visit the detention centre and make assessments regarding the condition under which the detainees were held.
    A medical team, led by a senior doctor from the Ministry of Health, also visited the facility and offered full medical care to those with health complaints.
    DCP Scarlett said that the police “did all that was possible to minimise discomfort, to ensure that the place was hygienic and we provided all the facilities that would alleviate all unhygienic practices”.
    He noted that the police was diligent in processing the detainees, including checking their databases, and have identified about 10 persons, who are of interest to the police in relation to murders, burglary and larceny and other offences. These persons have been taken into custody for further interrogation.

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