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James Moss- Solomon, President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC), commended Prime Minister Patterson for the way that he has conducted himself in public life.
Describing Mr. Patterson as “different from other politicians”, Mr. Moss-Solomon said that the Prime Minister has not condoned donmanship, criminality and disorderly conduct and that he has tried to eliminate tribalism.
Mr. Moss-Solomon was paying a courtesy call on Prime Minister Patterson this morning (Tuesday December 20, 2005) at Jamaica House.
The Prime Minister admitted that although there were moments when tribalism reared its ugly head the situation is nowhere near what it was. He said that greed, materialism and a get rich quick mentality were responsible for the level of criminality in the country. He said that we must work together to address the intolerance and level of coarseness in the society.
In discussing the work of the CAIC, the President said that CARICOM should consider establishing trade missions especially in countries, an idea which Prime Minister Patterson said that he would be prepared to support. He said that the matter of joint missions had been raised before. Mr. Patterson said that in countries where only one CARICOM country has a diplomatic presence that country represents the interest of other CARICOM countries.
Mr. Moss-Solomon also told PM Patterson said the CAIC was interested in conducting a study of the attitude or mindset of Caribbean people to entrepreneurship. He said that it seemed as if the Caribbean people were more interested in sole proprietorship rather than in owning a piece of a large or international firm. He said that small companies cannot compete in the world today and that the study would provide useful information on how to address this mentality
The Prime Minister said that organisations should help to spread the message of the CSME to Jamaicans.

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