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Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area One, Keith ‘Trinity’ Gardner, has said that western Jamaica should have a crime free holiday season, as all available police officers in the area have been deployed on the road.
“We are putting emphasis on quality police work, and accordingly what we have done is to take our resources from the offices and to put them in those critical areas which, over time, have indicated that during the Christmas season and in the winter tourist season, problems might develop,” he said.
In an interview with JIS News at the launch of the Jamaica Tourist Board 50th anniversary exhibition at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, recently, the Assistant Commissioner said he would like to reassure all residents of western Jamaica, inclusive of the private sector and all tourism interests, that the police would be doing their endeavour best to make this a very safe Christmas and beyond.
Noting that the number of police personnel was not at the ideal level, Mr. Gardner emphasized that this situation was not unique to western Jamaica. He noted that efforts were being made to remedy the situation, and that an additional 30 officers had been sent to Montego Bay and have already been dispatched on the streets.
The Assistant Commissioner said that notwithstanding the challenges, at every level of the force, all the officers are committed to the process of making the streets of Jamaica as safe as possible.
Speaking specifically about efforts of the police in Area One, Mr. Gardner explained that an initiative, codenamed ‘Operation Alpha’, was activated some six weeks ago in the area, targeting criminal activities, regaining public spaces that have been captured by criminals, and dismantling gangs, among other things. He said that the operation has been achieving tremendous success within the area.
“In that regard, over 14 firearms have been recovered, several wanted men arrested, thousands of pounds of ganja seized, the biggest of which was the seizure of 1,000 pounds of ganja just about one week ago, and also the seizure of other illegal drugs,” he informed.
The Assistant Commissioner pointed out that the area one police would be taking a wholistic approach towards upholding law and order in the area, as even minor offences, inclusive of breaches of the Road Traffic Act, would be penalized.
He noted that there was continuous dialogue, both at the area level and at the divisional level, among the police and private sector and tourism interests, adding that the lines of communication were always open.
Area One covers the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

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