• JIS News

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding today toured sections of Tivoli Gardens, his first visit to his West Kingston constituency since the Security Forces intervened in the community on May 23.
    Mr. Golding spoke with several residents, some of whom had lost family members in the confrontation between the security forces and gunmen supporting Tivoli strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, which left more than seventy persons dead. Other persons told the Prime Minister of having their homes completely burnt-out or badly damaged.
    All the residents who spoke with Mr. Golding relived for him the horror of the events which they said had left many residents traumatized. The Prime Minister advised them to give reports of their experience to the Public Defender, who has opened a special office in Tivoli Gardens for that purpose.
    Officers from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security were also on hand during the visit to take reports from the residents.
    Several of the residents who spoke to the Prime Minister expressed their relief that he had come to see them and to hear firsthand accounts of their experience.

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