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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has announced that a consultative/monitoring committee is to be appointed to oversee the work of the Public Sector Transformation Union (PSTU).
He said that the committee will be made up of representatives of the public and private sectors, trade unions and academia. The Government has also invited the Opposition to name a representative.
He will announce the members of the committee on Tuesday. Both the PSTU and the Consultative/Monitoring Committee will report to a Cabinet sub-committee, which he will chair.
Mr. Golding made the announcement at his ruling Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) annual conference at the National Arena, Sunday (November 22).
He said that the cost of the public sector bureaucracy has to be reduced and that the PSTU, which formally commenced operating last week Monday, is tasked with the job of reorganising the machinery of Government to be more efficient and cost-effective.
“It is a major task that will see the merger of some agencies and departments, restructuring, redeployment and, in some cases, reduction of staff,” he told the conference.
Mr, Golding said that it will address the need for realignment of authority, responsibility and accountability, to enable the public sector to be more responsive, customer-friendly and performance-driven. The PSTU is staffed by persons from both the public and private sector.

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