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The Chief Justice of Jamaica, the Hon Zaila McCalla, has said that the establishment of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) has brought with it greater opportunities for persons in the legal field.
“With the advent of globalisation and the emergence of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, there are exciting new areas to be pursued in law,” she told a recent Careers Day at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), in Mandeville Manchester.
“A career in the legal system can be one of the most exciting professional paths that one could take, it is a field that blends opportunities for display of passion for the law with significant responsibilities for ensuring integrity and justice at all time,” she stated.
The Chief Justice outlined to the NCU students the different aspects of the country’s legal system, and that of other domains. She also pointed out areas of employment that require trained legal personnel.
She said that it was always a pleasure for her to share thoughts with young people who are diligent, and charting a course of career advancement.
“I recommend that in whichever field you ultimately choose to make your profession, and contribute to society, you hold fast to certain guiding principles, these principles include hardwork, perseverance, integrity, professionalism and commitment to truth and justice,” the Chief Justice said.

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