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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has called for the rebuilding of multilateralism and a united approach to intemational problem solving which places the General Assembly of the United Nations as the official voice of the global community. At the same time, Mr. Patterson urged reform, greater democratisation and expansion of the United Nations Security Council, which retakes critical decisions on international matters.
Addressing the 58th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday (September 29) Mr. Patterson said the prevailing international situation including terrorism, nuclear proliferation, conflict and new doctrines underscored the need to strengthen multilateralism to restore confidence i n t he UN system. I n r eiterating h is c all for a United Nations renaissance, he highlighted the need for the resuscitation and use of the powers of the General Assembly and the assertion of its role as the principal organ of the United Nations.
“To strengthen multilateralism we need reform and rebuilding to improve the work of the United Nations in areas such as development co-operation, humanitarian affairs and disarmament,” Mr Patterson said. He added that: “The Assembly is a forum of equals. Its pronouncements and policy decisions must carry the stamp as the voice of the international community.”
In. relation to the strengthening of multilateralism, Prime Minister Patterson said the process must be equitable, which is critical for its credibility. Said Mr. Patterson: “It should promote policies, which provide full opportunity for all States to benefit from the global system and which. take into account the needs, aspirations and welfare of the global community. It should be non-discriminatory and proceed from the principle that the lives of human beings cannot be differentiated on the basis of race, nationality or religion.”
Multilateralism must also be democratic, principled and effective, Prime Minister Patterson told the UN. “Decision-making should be based on a fully inclusive process, in which all States have a voice: where dialogue and equal participation, are encouraged and promoted,” Prime Minister Patterson noted.

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