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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding on Tuesday (November 24) named the Consultative Monitoring Group that will work directly with the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU), which has been charged with transforming the machinery of Government to be more efficient and cost-effective.
The Committee will be chaired by banking executive, Peter Moses. The other members are Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Douglas Saunders; Financial Secretary Dr. Wesley Hughes; Prof. Alvin Wint -University of the West Indies; Wayne Jones- Representative of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions; Communication Specialist, Jean Lowrie-Chiin; and a Representative of the Opposition party to be named by the Leader of the Opposition.
The members will report to a Sub-Committee of the Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister, who will direct and oversee the overall restructuring of the Public Sector. The members of the Cabinet-sub-committee include the Ministers responsible for Finance and the Public Service, Labour and Social Security, National Security and the Attorney General/Minister of Justice.
The Consultative Monitoring Group will meet with the Sub-committee of the Cabinet on a quarterly basis and with the PSTU on a monthly basis, or as the need arises. The group will review and provide feedback to the PSTU and the Sub-committee of the Cabinet on the strategic direction, progress to date of the restructuring process, and the recommendations submitted with regard to improvements and/or changes in the Public Sector. The Group’s other functions will include monitoring the progress of the PSTU, assisting in identifying resources that could be utilised to help with specific investigations and with implementation.
In announcing the establishment of the PSTU recently, Prime Minister Bruce Golding said the exercise “is a matter of restructuring Government to be definitive in what it is about, efficient in what it does, less of a burden to the country’s taxpayers and a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block to growth and development”.

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