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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) announced Wednesday the confirmation of Acting Managing Director, Paul Abrahams, in the position, effective November 2, 2009.
Mr. Abrahams, who replaced Bindley Sangster last December, has been credited with bringing much-needed stability to the JUTC’s overall operations and management.
The JUTC, in a release on Wednesday (November 25), said that over the 10-month span, during which he acted in the position, Mr. Abrahams has had a positive impact on the morale of the staff, the handling of the day-to-day operational challenges and the company’s recent and pending acquisition of critical rolling stock, among other important areas of focus.
Mr. Abrahams, 54, was largely educated in the United States of America, from where he moved on to Canada and gained experience in the automobile industry and customer service. He parlayed this know-how into a series of successful businesses in the areas of gasoline retail, automobile maintenance, servicing and fleet management, which he brings to the job as operational head of the JUTC.
He is also a Director of United Petroleum (JA) Limited (UNIPET), and previously served as a Director of the Trade Board and of the National Insurance Fund (NIF).

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